Worshop Centre Ceramique

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month Soulce organizes a free workshop from Creative Consciousness. The workshop is available for everyone and a fantastic opportunity to get a glanse of what we and Creative Consciousness deliver.

It is also a beautiful possibility to connect, experience and integrate the insights gained from our 4-days consciousness trainings.

Sign up via info@creativeconsciousness.nl

Visit the agenda of Centre Ceramique to find out when the next workshop will happen.


I-am_Claire kopie

Read about the experiences our participants got our of the trainings from Creative Consciousness. The shifts they made and the power they experience. Beautiful design by Marijke van Gend.

Click here for the “I AM” from Creative Consciousness.

Information Events


Creative Consciousness logo The Netherlands Trans On an information evening we introduce to you Creative Consciousness. Who we are, what we doe, what we stand for, what you can expect from our consciousness and awareness trainings, practical details and get first hand information from recent participants. The evening is offered for free.


More information and agenda


Working with Consciousness

The 4-days transformational trainings from Creative Consciousness will open up a whole new world of possibilities. These course will increase your awareness, seeing the freedom of choice, having passion, self-expression, clarity of purpose, and develop your personal power.

More information about our awareness & creative consciousness training programs are given on the website of Creative Consciousness. 


This one day workshop empowers you to expand your awareness, get clarity on what will be your next step and realize that what you deeply wish to see in your life. You will get an impression of what to expect from our Master trainings from Creative Consciousness.

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Professional Coachtraining

The ICF ACTP accredited professional Consciousness Coaching® training is available for everybody who wishes to become a professional coach and for those who see coaching as the communication way in which both parties will be left empowered. Besides Communication and coach training expect a lot of transformational work, connect with yourself, clarity on your vision and being to able to realize it. What would happen to you and your environment, if you communicate in an uplifting and empowering way? Becoming the source to support others.

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For an overview of all data of the Creative Consciousness and Consciousness Coaching® trainings & workshops, please follow this link to our Agenda

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